Sunday, June 24, 2007

Make Room to Tithe

Free Money Finance just made a post that has me thinking about how my readers can free up room to tithe.

I won't go into the biblical reasons for tithing in this post, but I will try to cover some different strategies I've seen used to get people to the 10% mark.

Strategy 1: The BIG CHECK

This method is probably the least Biblical since you are not giving of your firstfruits. Rather, when you do your direct deposit you have 10% go into a separate account that you don't normally look at. At the end of the year you write a check for the account balance, and you've tithed your 10%. This one is the easiest to adjust your lifestyle to though, since you don't see the money ever.

Strategy 2: Month By Month

If you have a budget that tracks spending, this method is fairly easy. At the end of the month move the decimal on your total income to the left one space, that is how much you write the check for. EASY!

Strategy 3: Every Week

Same as month by month, but this time you do it with each paycheck.

Strategy 4: Help I'm in a debt crisis! I can barely afford 1%!

Now would be a great time to reevaluate your budget or spending habits. Remember, what is more important, God or eating out one more night a week?

Tithing is actually very simple, and it puzzles me why people find it so hard. If you just simplify your life, it should become easy to live off a smaller and smaller percentage of income, even now.


Anonymous said...

Very handy post.

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

My prayer is that I will earn enough to "tithe" 90% and still live quite comfortably on the 10%.

Anonymous said...

My sentiments exactly.

My goal has been to live on 20% of my income. I'm nowhere near that yet but I have faith that my income will increase so that can be the reality. Right now I do faithfully tithe minimum 10% every month.

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