Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The new site

The new web domain is giving me some difficulty in how I want to set everything up so for the time being I will continue to post here.

Oh, and if you are looking for a safe investment, try CDs or Certificates of Deposit, especially if you don't have a high tolerance for risk.


I just met a person who actually invested lottery winnings $120,000 worth after taxes. She has set it up in a CD a month laddered situation. In other words every month she opens a new 12 month CD for $10,000. All her money is insured because she shops for the best rates at every bank in town. I'm not sure what her tax situation is like, but when her interest becomes her income (She'll be retiring in 11 years) it will net her $855.17 a month, which isn't astounding, but if she needs it she will have access to over $17,000 a month.

Meanwhile the winnings haven't changed her lifestyle one bit in any other way, she loves her job and will do it for as long as she can (probably won't really retire for another 20 years).

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